Sr front-end engineer

About Arlula:

Arlula is a fast growing space technology startup building software infrastructure for the Earth Observation (EO) sector. Thousands of people and companies are now using Arlula to manage their satellite operations and/or to build apps that can monitor the impact we have on our planet from space.

We are passionate about creating new commercial opportunities in the quickly evolving commercial space industry. We work with a range of international space agencies including NASA and ESA, as well as commercial satellite operators such as Maxar, Planet, LatConnect60 and others. Our customers make use of our solutions across a range of industries for things such as agriculture, bushfire monitoring, insurance assessment, environmental planning and journalism.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for someone to join our dynamic and growing team who is enthusiastic, a fast learner, self directed, and has a demonstrable web development background and design experience.

About the role:

We are seeking an experienced, driven front end developer to assist in reviewing, maintaining and extending our web portal and user interfaces through which users can find and access satellite imagery, managed owned imagery and other services we provide.

We offer an opportunity for the right candidate to demonstrate their technical expertise and collaboration skills by working with our multidisciplinary team to solve issues relating to issues up and down the satellite imagery infrastructure chain, addressing issues of imagery processing, indexation, discovery, distribution, analysis and visualisation.

Candidates should be experienced front-end/client side engineers, who have experience working with server side rendering architecture, and systems designed to rely minimally on Javascript.
Candidates should also have experience working in teams with members of different domain expertise, including those with back-end/server side experience, data scientists and remote sensing scientists.

Job Title: Sr front-end engineer.

Job Type: Full-time.

608 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007,
Role is open to remote candidates where appropriate.


  • Work with team to maintain and update visual web interfaces and ensure their accuracy and ease of use for both satellite operators and data consumers,
  • Assist in the design and implementation of new elements and features of the web interfaces,
  • Field customer enquiries about the web interface and any issues customers experience interacting with it,
  • Collaborate in review and redesign of web interfaces to improve user experience and clarity where issues are found,
  • Advice and mentor Junior developers wishing to build their front end experience

No specific qualifications are required for this position if the applicant has appropriate experience (a portfolio of prior works is preferred)
Qualifications in software, physics, mathematics, or other relevant fields may be an advantage for some applicants.


  • 4+ years experience developing and maintaining non trivial web applications,
  • Must be experienced with server side rendering strategies and development without a client framework (vanilla JS, no react, vue or angular),
  • Experience in desktop application development is preferred, but not required.



  • Expertise with core
    web front end technologies (HTML5. CSS3, Javascript and Typescript),
  • Familiarity with
    building static sites, and
  • Familiarity with
    server side rendering techniques


  • Experience with the Go
    (Golang) programming language and its html template library
  • UI/UX design
  • familiarity with the WCAGG
    accessibility guidelines and their impact upon design


  • Curious and Creative with a love for learning
  • Independent and self motivated
  • Enjoys problem solving
  • Enjoys working in multidisciplinary fields
  • Passion for new space industry

How to Apply
All applications need to include the following information:

  • Cover letter,
  • CV or Resume,
  • Portfolio of prior work.

If this role is of interest you and you think you’ll be a good fit, please email your application details to us at